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  • To receive referrals and to be involved in more inward international work.

  • Being able to refer clients to known law firm contacts overseas; similarly to have contacts with law firms all round the world, to better serve the needs of our international focused clients.

  • The reassurance of Galleon Quality Code (we are working on it).

  • To be able to promote our international capability to clients, other professionals and the business community; similarly, to raise our international profile.

  • Meeting lawyers as colleagues and friends.

  • To increase international experience both as people and as professionals.

  • To be better informed about the legal conditions for doing business or having dealings in specific countries; similarly, to obtain local insight and information about foreign nationals from a lawyer of that country.

  • Contact with lawyers from other countries helps to understand the thought processes of overseas clients/potential clients.

  • Increase/share legal knowledge.

  • A network that works together to create initiatives and information/guidance for the benefit of all its members and their clients.

  • To develop new marketing strategies.