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Our focus is centered on a new definition and understanding of the term commitment. We want, as individuals and as an organization, to be considered by our clients as a long-term and steady business partner and not just as external legal advisors. This new definition of commitment is also enhanced by a policy of visiting personally and regularly our clients on their own premises. We endeavor to work on a weekly/monthly basis in this manner to keep communication open and try to better understand their business needs and context.

Across the entire scope of the legal services Galleon guarantees – based on the described commitment above and the new understanding of legal service – to deliver exceptional quality and effectiveness above all usual standards to any client.

Last but not least, this commitment continues by treating clients as business partners rather than sources of revenue.

Another way to provide a better legal service is by implementing our approach of an international outlook. Simply put, country borders and jurisdictions may not really matter to many clients any more. We adapt to changing circumstances not only by working with other firms in foreign countries, but also by working abroad ourselves. We increase value to our clients by speaking and thinking in different languages, coming from different backgrounds and being members of the legal profession in different countries.

Galleon wants to use new, efficient and modern working methods and technologies as a firm able to propose the best adapted solutions and share them through its members.

The traditional vision of the International Legal Association is like an indoor club that only shares clients. We want to establish a strong marketing department that provides services, not only to Galleon, but to its members by making an active digital promotion and developing new marketing strategies. Galleon wants to be an active part of each firm.

The legal status of Galleon is that of a simple association of firms without being a partnership or any other legal contractual basis. It is governed by a Constitution, which is designed to be as simple as possible, and identifies the main conditions and practices resulting from membership.